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A Houston Divorce Lawyer Helping You Look Toward Your New Beginning

When you got married, you never could have pictured it ending in a courtroom or lawyer’s office. Unfortunately, this is the reality many couples face at the end of their union. A divorce may be the closing of one chapter, but it gives you the opportunity to write a new one.

If you seek a divorce in Harris County or throughout Houston, contact us at Rose Sanders Family Law. As a Super Lawyers Rising Star, Erica Rose knows what it takes to help clients successfully resolve their divorce while keeping the assets they want. Together with our team, including law partner Charles Sanders, our Houston divorce lawyers know what it takes to build a new life.

An Experienced Divorce Attorney Can Make A Huge Difference In Your Case

Texas law allows for no-fault divorces, meaning you do not have to present evidence of wrongdoing to be eligible for a divorce. However, this does not always mean your divorce will be simple.

Houston divorces often come with other related problems that may require legal help, including:

From your initial filing to help you fight for custody of your children, we will be there for you every step of the way. Our Houston family law lawyers know how overwhelming a divorce can be. Your entire world is changing. But there are steps you can take to make the process easier, such as contacting experienced divorce attorneys as soon as possible.

At Rose Sanders Family Law, we can help you make a plan for your children, explain your options and calmly communicate with your spouse and their attorney. Our divorce lawyers are as motivated as you in finding a suitable resolution.

Can You Get A Divorce Without A Lawyer?

If you are moving toward a divorce, you may simply want the process to go as swiftly and smoothly as possible. Some people wonder if they can just get a divorce on their own, without a lawyer. It seems like this would be less complex and intimidating, but is it possible?

Technically speaking, yes, you can get a divorce without a lawyer. You can file the paperwork independently and go through the court process. However, this is a highly risky decision that will probably not even accomplish your goals of making things go smoothly and quickly. Here are a few reasons why it is important to have an experienced divorce attorney on your side.

The Process Can Be Faster

First and foremost, the attorney will understand the system, the steps that must be taken and the mistakes people often make. As a result, the divorce process may go much faster with an attorney than it would without, and you can avoid critical errors.

Protecting Your Rights During A Disagreement

People sometimes divorce without a lawyer because they believe it will be amicable. But if you get into a disagreement, it’s much safer to have an attorney on your side. This way, you know about your legal rights, the options at your disposal and much more.

Your Lawyer Handles The Filing Process

The paperwork side of a divorce can be very confusing, and all documents must be filed correctly. If not, it can be expensive and even delay the case. Having an attorney who understands the necessary paperwork and the filing system makes this much easier.

Focusing On Important Issues

Finally, when you have a divorce lawyer in your camp, the two of you can focus on quickly resolving your most important issues. These include child custody, child support, spousal maintenance and property division. These are areas where couples often run into contentious disagreements, and an experienced legal professional can fight for your rights and seek the optimal outcome.

Talk To A Houston Divorce Lawyer To Get To Work On Your Future

When it’s time to end your marriage, the idea of going through a Texas divorce can feel overwhelming. If you have children together, you face an even bigger issue of fighting for custody rights. We will be there for you every step of the way. Contact an experienced divorce lawyer today to schedule a consultation by calling 713-766-9082 or emailing our firm directly.